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about Fujitex

1978 Started sales of laminating devices in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.
1986 Founded Fujitech Co., Ltd. (Capital: 5 million yen)
1990 Increased capital to 20 million yen.
Started to deal in German-made shredders.
1992 Started to deal in glass bottle crushers.
1995 Developed a sophisticated glass bottle crusher system, Cullet Super-G.
Increased capital to 50 million yen.
Founded the Kansai Main Office.
1996 Increased capital to 100 million yen.
1997 Completion of construction of the headquarters building (FEAL Building).
Founded the Kyushu Main Office.
Established the Eating-out Business Division. Opened the first store of "FEAL Cafe" on the first floor of the headquarters.
1998 Founded the Chubu Main Office.
Established the General Logistics Center.
1999 Developed and started the sales of an original laminating machine "Super-Lami EG".
2000 Started the sales of recycling plants for plastic bottles.
2001 Established a recycling system for waste plastics.
Started to deal in Adprint (SP Planning/Construction).
2002 Started the sales of Superpress for the recycling of waste plastics.
Founded the Hokkaido Main Office.
2003 Completion of construction of the second headquarters building.
Spun off the Eating-out Business Division (expanded the business; office on the 1st to 3rd floors. Italian and French restaurants).
Established the Information Systems Division.
2004 Started to run various environmental sites.
Founded the New Products Development Division.
2005 Relocation of the Kansai Main Office to the new office.
2006 Started to deal in eco-friendly sales promotion tools.
Founded the Health and Anti-Aging Division.
Started planning and development businesses of health-related foods, and supplying OEM products.
Assessment of the environment market in Germany.
Started the three-division system under a new company name "Fujitex."
2008 Founded the Tohoku Branch.
Started trades with Steinert (Germany) and MG (Italy).
Strengthened oversea market research activities in Vietnam, etc.
2009 Launched the Education Division (Waseda Social Education Center).
2011 Founded the Chushikoku Main Office.
Celebrating the 25th year in business, carried out a corporate visual identity project (changed the corporate logo).
2012 Founded the Human resources Division.
2015 Founded the Hokuriku Main Office.
2016 Relocation of the Tokyo Headquarters Office to the new office.